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Tumbling for Cheerleaders

Safety is our #1 Priority.

Acro-Gymnastics is our specialty; and, we do it better than anyone else. You can learn Gymnastic Tumbling (the fancy flips you see in the Olympics like backhandsprings & somersaults). Plus, you can learn beautiful, controlled Acrobatics such as walkovers and splits. All classes include Ballet & Dance training as well.

Our Acro-Gymnastics classes are well rounded.  You'll do a warm-up, stretching, conditioning, and skill development.  You can develop a beautiful, strong body - and learn a lot of neat skills.

More important than anything:  Safety is our #1 priority.  Your child will advance according to a specific skill progression.  Students must master each basic element before advancing to the next.  We teach the proper way.  We don't take shortcuts that will put you at risk.

Our instruction is exceptional. We teach beginning to advanced levels.  You'll learn a lot, whether you're studying for fun, for performance, or to be a better cheerleader or athlete!  In fact, we’ve been training Hazleton Area’s top cheerleaders for over twenty years. Note:  Gymnastics fundamentals are included in all early childhood combination classes (Parent & Tot, Tumble Bunnies, Combo Kids).  So, you can sign up for those classes, too, and still be learning great Gymnastics.

Class Schedule

Required Attire

  • Solid Color Leotard
  • Black or Tan Tights
  • Foot Undeez