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Boys Club

Boys only! No girls.

Mostly tumbling. Some dance.

Give your son every advantage. Try Boys Club. Faberge Follies is not just for girls.

Your son can be quicker, stronger, faster, and more agile. We work on all the skills that will make your child a better athlete - no matter his chosen sport. Classes include ball handling, strength training, co-ordination drills and so much more.

Guys, now you can get in on the action!

Watch your favorite dance shows on TV, or your favorite music videos. What about the big-time sports heroes? Guess what! These guys study Dance & Gymnastics. Now you can, too.

Don’t miss out. There’s Hip-Hop, Tap, Gymnastics, Ballet - all just waiting for you.

Be a leader among men. Come enter a whole new world.

Class Schedule

Required Attire

  • Dark Athletic
    Pants or Shorts
  • White T-Shirt
  • Lightweight Sneakers