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Classical Ballet

Stand up straight and you’ll stand out in a crowd.

One of the greatest gifts a parent can give her child is Ballet lessons, because you’ll see an instant improvement in posture and grace once you begin your lessons. I consider it the ultimate training.  Whether your dreams include toe shoes and pink tights, hitting the home run in the World Series, or becoming an Olympic gymnast - Classical Ballet will help you get there!  That's because Ballet teaches basic body mechanics and builds co-ordination.  (Did you know that professional football players often study Ballet?) This workout is perfect either as a specialty (because you love the style) or as a second class (in addition to whatever else you’re studying at Faberge Follies) to progress faster.  The class  include barre & centre exercises, plus beautiful, graceful dancing to classical music. So...picture the Prima Ballerina in her tutu - pure grace and beauty - every little girl’s dream. That ballerina can be you! Ages 6 to 60. It doesn’t matter. We’ll help you become all you can be.  

Class Schedule

Required Attire

  • Black / Pink Leotard, TBA
  • Pink Tights
  • Pink Ballet Slippers
  • Hair in a Bun