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Combo Kids - Beginners (Ages 5-12)

Double your money! Double your child’s fun! Get two lessons for the price of one.  It's easy. Get off to a great start in Dance’n’Tumble Combo Kids!

All young, school-age children enroll in this class first. It's one lesson that combines both dancing and gymnastics;  This is great for two reasons: First - Your child will meet new friends and try lots of different things.  The students get to sample both dancing and gymnastics to see which they like best.  They don't have to choose one or the other. Second - For you, it's less hassle, less time, less money.  You only have to pay for one lesson.  ...but you're still giving your child every advantage. Our caring and knowledgeable staff will teach the basics of Gymnastics, Ballet, Tap and Hip-Hop all in one fun-filled class.  Students will enjoy walking on balance beams, bouncing on mini-tramps, performing animal walks, leaps, stretches, and more. Plus.. they’ll experience the joy of moving to the music: leaping, spinning, kicking, just having a great time! After graduating from Combo Kids (3 levels), your student will be invited to enroll in any of the specialized classes this school offers (such as Ballet, Tap, Hip-Hop, Acro-Gymnastics). Call now for a consultation with Miss Faberge.  

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