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Pre-School Tumble Bunnies

This Could Be the Start of Something Big!

Ages 3-5 (Levels 1 & 2)

Does your pre-schooler love movement and music? Do you want your child to have every advantage? Then congratulations! You’ve chosen the perfect activity. And you’ve chosen the perfect place to get started.

Our Tumble Bunny program has been a favorite of local parents for over twenty years. It’s ideal for both boys & girls.

This is where it all begins - the first real Dance and Gymnastics lesson - march, gallop, cartwheel, tumbleset, bounce a ball, twirl with streamers, sing and dance...and so much more. This special class is a fun way for your little one to learn Dance’n’Tumble skills, socialization, discipline & self-control, plus classroom etiquette. It’s the foundation.

After Tumble Bunnies, your student will graduate to Combo-Kids (3 levels) where the excitement builds! Call me now to sign up.


Class Schedule

Required Attire

  • Starter Kit
  • contains all
  • you need.