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Private Lessons

Do it alone (solo) or with special friends (duo, trio, small group)

Most dance lessons are best taught in groups; but, sometimes a private lesson is the perfect answer. Here are some reasons to work “one-on-one” with your favorite teacher.

Do you need a special, solo routine to perform for a school talent show, a pageant, or a competition?

Would you like to work super hard on a special skill, like a backhandspring? That extra personal attention could help you achieve your goals faster.

Are you shy? Ballroom couples may feel more comfortable without the extra “eyes” of other couples upon them. No problem! We’ll do everything we can to make you feel confident.

The Faberge Cabaret! Here’s the best reason of all. That’s our special spring show at the
JJ Ferrara Performing Arts Center. It’s all solo, duo, and trio acts - Like a New York City Cabaret - right here in Hazleton. Challenge yourself to the spotlight.

And the most fun of all - maybe you have a special friend you’d like to share a delightful moment in time with. Do a routine together. Perform in shows or just have fun.

The choice is yours!

Class Schedule

Call for date & times

Required Attire

  • Your choice of color & style
  • Leotard & Tights
  • Appropriate Shoes