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Beginners Welcome Ages 2 - Adult

Welcome to Faberge Follies

I want YOU to join me in our most exciting season of Dance & Gymnastics yet. Our fantastic staff will help you connect to the power and beauty that lies within. Once that spark has been ignited, you will blossom and shine as never before. THAT is the Faberge Experience.


5 Reasons Dance & Gymnastics are the Ultimate Foundation Activities for Children

Study Dance & Gymnastics first, and you can transition to any other sport with ease 1) Larger Movement Vocabulary Team sports build around a specific set of movements that are central to that sport (such as throwing, kicking, running); however, Dance & Gymnastics study all the different ways a body can move through space. The…


Every Dancer Needs A…Dance Sweater

The well prepared dancer always has a dance sweater in her bag. You can purchase one or use something from your closet. Here’s the information.


Why do Local Shows with Miss Faberge?

With Miss Faberge, small shows are a quietly, beautifully, perfect way for a dancer to develop.


Faberge Jazz-Fusion: A New Way to Teach Jazz

IT’S TIME TO CHANGE HOW WE TEACH JAZZ DANCE You heard it here first. It’s time to clean up the confusion and redundancy that’s crept into the nation’s dance school programs over the last forty years. We’re all busy and need to make the best possible use of our time. Dancers who are juggling gymnastics,…



What Our Members Say


At Faberge Follies you learn to dance with technique and safety and fun all at the same time.

Sonja S.


The years I spent at Faberge Follies molded me into the performer, and more importantly, the young woman I am today.   Now that I’m coming of age and reflecting on my childhood, I realize that virtually everything I ever needed to know, from my class and creativity, to my technique and appreciation for glitter, I learned at dance school.

Bianca R.


I could never explain how much you have truly changed my life. You are such a beautiful role model and I am blessed to have been taught by you for 15 years. I will never forget all the life lessons you taught me and I truly thank you for all you have done.

Tricia K.


I could say thank-you a million times like I have in the past, but that wouldn’t cut it. I have no idea how to repay you for everything you’ve done for me. Most of us wouldn’t be who we are without you. You’ve taught me so much more than dance. You go that extra mile in everything.

Brianna R.


Through my experiences dancing with Faberge, I learned how to be a woman. It was being a part of the team that taught me much more than technique and how to grow into a beautiful dancer; it taught me Class, Poise, Discipline, Confidence, Manners, Strength, and Independence.

Kristi Lee D.


  • In the classroom:

    Every child deserves individual, personal attention. Every single child is important.

  • On the stage:

    Every performer deserves to be presented in a professional manner, no matter how young they are. We have the know-how to do that – each and every time.

  • In my heart:

    Every person can benefit from time spent at our studio. We have fun, but we work. We’re polite to each other. It’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Everything good flows from this basic standard. I invite you to join me at this wonderful place that gives us such valuable gifts, Faberge Follies.

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