5 Reason Dance & Gymnastics are the Ultimate Foundation Activities for Children

Study Dance & Gymnastics first, and you can transition to any other sport with ease

1) Larger Movement Vocabulary

Team sports build around a specific set of movements that are central to that sport (such as throwing, kicking, running); however, Dance & Gymnastics study all the different ways a body can move through space. The “vocabulary” is larger and more varied.

2) Better Flexibility

Dance & Gymnastics build flexibility better than any other sport, in order to accomplish a wide range of beautiful and difficult skills. This flexibility increases the range of motion and helps limit injuries.

3) A Culture of Respect

By tradition, there’s a strong culture of respect in the world of Dance & Gymnastics. With better social skills as a foundation, the chance to benefit from instructors and teammates in the future increases dramatically.

4)  Performing in Front of Other People

Dance is a performing art. Gymnastics is a performing sport. Maintaining poise under pressure, while moving in front of an audience, is a main feature of the training in both. The emotional self-control this challenge develops comes in handy… whether in other sports, work, or socially.

Plus, performing for others can be a way to use your talents to make others happy. That’s the goal of the stage performance. This is a chance for children to learn to shift the focus away from “self” – a good thing, for sure – in this modern day world of me.

5) It’s Not All About Competition

Competition can be great…AFTER a child has a good feeling for an activity and a solid connection to the simple joy that the movement brings.

Team sports often jump right into competition as a “way of life,” long before the student might be ready for that level of stress. Placing emphasis on winning vs losing can set a tone that muffles the good feeling of the physical activity.

Dannce & Gymnastics give a person more chance to challenge the body and master skills, simply because it feels good, both mentally and physically. Later, if and when the child is ready, a move to competition can be a welcome challenge.