A Message From Bianca

You are such a strong, beautiful person. You shine in so many ways, in everything you do. You are truly a lady. Your elegance and poise are breathtaking.


After reading this comment written by a friend in my Young Bianca junior yearbook, I began to think about how I came to the point in my life when someone could say such things about me. In a way I’ve always known that I owe much of who I am - my smiles, my talents, my confidence, and my “breathtaking elegance and poise” to my many years at my first dance school, Faberge Follies.

I was two years old when I took my first dance lessons at this small studio in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. I was twirling around in a leotard and sequined belt before I was fully potty trained. Since then, my passion for performance and love of movement kept me on stage and shining.


It didn’t take me long to acquire the basic techniques of positioning, spotting, and posture and soon developBianca the more intangible elements of stage presence - the glow that separates the lackluster performer from the sparkling star.

In mastering these qualities, I discovered that I grew more confident and self-assertive, on and off stage. I also found that my sense of responsibility increased as I honed my skills for hours and polished my technique. I learned how to take care of my body, and have remained healthy, drug and alcohol free. More importantly, I found an appreciation for my own achievements, as well as a respect for the talents of others.

I grew up in this studio where my teachers paired turns and tendus with life lessons. I was fascinated by Miss Faberge, the former professional entertainer and studio founder, who brought glitz and glamour into my life. Conducting every class in sequined high heels, she taught her students more than how to sparkle on stage, but how to succeed in life.


Barre exercises would be interrupted Bianca & Fabergeat times with lessons in proper class etiquette or ways in which to show our gratitude for our parents and mentors. Graduating from pampers to pink tights with Miss Faberge was the most influential experience of my life.

The years I spent at Faberge Follies molded me into the performer, and more importantly, the young woman I am today. Now that I’m coming of age and reflecting on my childhood, I realize that virtually everything I ever needed to know, from my class and creativity, to my technique and appreciation for glitter, I learned at dance school.