Our Team

Our staff is what makes us great!

We all love children. We love to teach.

The Faberge Follies staff is a diverse collection of fine individuals from all walks of life. We come together as a team to provide that extra special Faberge Follies touch to each and every student. Our standards are high. We nurture the spirit as well as the body. You can count on us to consider your child’s best interest in every decision we make.

These are the experienced & energetic teachers who will be working with you and your child:


Miss Faberge
Gina DeFluri
Dr.Larry Skinner
Madeline Ligenza
Heidi Melchiona
Jennifer Peruchetti
Brianna Romanchik
Sarah Schumacher
Samantha Zambotti


Assistant Instructors

Noelys Villar


Teacher Assistants:

Madison Chupela
Mackenzie Youngcourt

Office Talent

Diane DeLorenzo
Mary Rayno
Janice Romanchik