Kristi Lee D.

Through my experiences dancing with Faberge, I learned how to be a woman. It was being a part of the team that taught me much more than technique and how to grow into a beautiful dancer; it taught me Class, Poise, Discipline, Confidence, Manners, Strength, and Independence.

Brianna R.

I could say thank-you a million times like I have in the past, but that wouldn’t cut it. I have no idea how to repay you for everything you’ve done for me. Most of us wouldn’t be who we are without you. You’ve taught me so much more than dance. You go that extra mile in everything.

Tricia K.

I could never explain how much you have truly changed my life. You are such a beautiful role model and I am blessed to have been taught by you for 15 years. I will never forget all the life lessons you taught me and I truly thank you for all you have done.

Bianca R.

The years I spent at Faberge Follies molded me into the performer, and more importantly, the young woman I am today.   Now that I’m coming of age and reflecting on my childhood, I realize that virtually everything I ever needed to know, from my class and creativity, to my technique and appreciation for glitter,…

Sonja S.

At Faberge Follies you learn to dance with technique and safety and fun all at the same time.

Melissa P.

You can always tell a Faberge Follies dancer. When they’re up in front of a crowd, even at school, they just stand out.

Donna D.

Taking my children to Faberge Follies was one of the best decisions I made as a parent. I’d do it all again. It helped them become who they are. It taught them priorities.

Corky B.

Faberge Follies teaches beyond the normal matrix of dance. They teach poise, presence, integrity, spirit and values while educating children for future development. Faberge Follies remains a part of my grandchildren’s life helping them become the young ladies they are today.

Simon & Aileen K.

Faberge & Staff will not only teach your child great dance; they will teach core values, respect & dedication.  We credit them with helping us raise our 2 daughters into the strong, confident, dependable young ladies they have become.  Faberge Follies teaches so much more than dance.

Melissa M.

The instructors at Faberge Follies truly care about your child.  They recognize each child’s strength & weakness and help them grow into a thoughtful dancer.  My daughter has grown so much as a performer and a young lady thanks to the loving, disciplined care of Faberge Follies.