Why Choose Faberge?

FABERGE FOLLIES is the best place for your child to study Dance & Gymnastics and here are the top 7 reasons why:

  1. We teach the “complete package.” Your child will learn so much more than just Dance. Your child will become more mannerly, better behaved, and disciplined. Our students stand out in a crowd.
  2. We are number one at Gymnastics & Acrobatics instruction. Safety is out #1 priority.
  3. Combination classes allow the younger child to study both Dance & Gymnastics in one class. Save time and money.
  4. We welcome beginners of all ages. Our studio is warm and inviting. We want everyone to be successful.
  5. Every single person is important at Faberge Follies. Everyone matters.
  6. All classroom work, costumes, and music chosen are age-appropriate. This applies to both younger and older students.
  7. Every person is capable of doing a great job onstage. We know how to get professional results onstage no matter age or level of experience. Our theatrical presentations are second to none.

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