Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary: All styles

Dance like a Rock Star! Yes, you can do it! All Ages can do it! We teach “clean,” age-appropriate Hip-Hop and Jazz Dance. Come try it

Our Style: Cool-Clean-Classy-Current

Only at Faberge Follies…We offer various “combinations” plus “stand-alone” classes in all these styles:  Jazz, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Lyrical.  We always teach and costume in a “clean,” age-appropriate way.


Do you want to dance like the performers you see on Broadway? Then JAZZ DANCE is for you. It’s what you see on TV awards shows, in movies, and in musicals. JAZZ has the same energy and “kick” as Hip-Hop, but with more ballet-based technical fundamentals. Classes include a Centre Warm-up, Isolations, Across the Floor, and a Combination.


It’s the language of the street, the dance of today’s generation.


These are “fusion” dance styles once taught only in colleges and in the New York Concert setting.  Now they’re part of the dance school basics.



Presentation Video

Required Attire

  • Solid Color Leotard
  • Solid Color Tights
  • Black or Tan Shoes