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Every Dancer Needs A…Dance Sweater

Dancers wear skimpy little outfits. Dance sweaters keep your body temperature regulated in the classroom and as you move through hallways and between studios. They’re worn over your leotard. You can put them on and off easily, as needed. Every dancer should have one in her bag. While your teacher may not dictate exactly what…

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Faberge’s Jazz-Fusion, A New Way to Teach Jazz Dance

IT’S TIME TO CHANGE HOW WE TEACH JAZZ DANCE You heard it here first. It’s time to clean up the confusion and redundancy that’s crept into the nation’s dance school curriculums over the last forty years. We’re all busy and need to make the best possible use of our time. Dancers who are juggling gymnastics,…

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Why your child should dance in the SMALL shows Performing in local shows is fun and beneficial for dancers of all ages.  It’s the BIG, year-end dance recital, with fluffy costumes, that moms dream about before their child is even born.  To be sure, valuable life lessons are learned at the big show; however, SMALL,…

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